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From: Marcus Joppe (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 19:05:34 EET

Dear Emil,

please have a look on our freeware product VisCAM Solid Viewer at

VisCAM Solid Viewer is a freeware 3D-Viewer for the fast visualisation
and communication of 3D models. VisCAM Solid Viewer imports 3D models
from STL (ASCII, Binary, Coloured), VRML (1.0, 2.0), PLY, ZCP, DXF
(3D-FACE), 3D Studio (3DS) and VisCAM RP (VFX). To support the fast
verification of the imported model geometry unconnected edges, flipped
facet normals and individual solids can be shown directly on the model.
Additional model information like dimensions, surface area or the model
volume can be retrieved at any time. An extensive set of measuring and
annotation functions supports the analysis of model details and enriches
the model with additional visual information. The annotated 3D model can
be exported as a highly compressed file with the VisCAM RP format (VFX)
and exchanged with all other VisCAM RP products.

VisCAM Solid Viewer is the base module of the VisCAM RP software series.

Further VisCAM RP modules are available for:
- additional import of VDA-FS and IGES
- fixing and editing of 3D models
- colour handling and manipulation for 3D colour printing
- reduce and optimize the triangle number for 3D models
- scale, mirror, rotate, move and duplicate 3D models
- build preparation with part placement, nesting, cost calculations
- slice generation with controlled variable slice thicknesses
- hatch generation for many RP machines
- slice based support generation for stereolithography
- slice export for CLI, SLC, SSL, F&S, HP-GL, DXF

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Best regards

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