Re: Some reliable equations for RT

Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 19:09:15 EET

Very well said and very true

Bob Morton
> Bill's last paragraph is very truthful. In all RP methods, you will find
> that the people who produce the best products have a firm knowledge and
> understanding of the equipment, materials, and the design/ engineering
> process. In stereolithography this is particularly important. Building SL
> parts is easy and can be taught rather quickly. Building good quality,
> accurate parts that will give your client the end result they are looking
> for requires knowledge and experience, which does not come quickly. This
> means that you must have somebody who is able to tweak a resin and a
> machine to give the best possible results. This includes, knowing how a
> machine and its parts operates, how materials work, and what all of those
> "mystery" values mean. You must then build the parts on equipment and
> resin that is well dialed in to produce good parts. All of the parts must
> then be post processed by skilled people. Keep in mind that all of this
> must be done usually under tight time constraints, and within budget.
> There are many variables that go in to producing good parts, none of which
> are achievable without knowing how the entire process works. A person
> working in RP must be part engineer, designer, chemist, craftsman,
> technician and witch doctor.
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