learning craftsmanship

From: Henry Sommer (hsommer@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 19:51:32 EET

        I am surprised to hear this about an art school. Does it depend on the
medium? Are sculptors better prepared than graphics artists?
        What you are saying is just as true of Industrial Design and even
Engineering schools. The best students realize this and participate in
activities to get hands on experience. Look at the popularity of Co-Oping or
design competitions. The Society of Automotive Engineers Formula SAE
competition is a great example. There are 100+ colleges competing from all
over the world. (http://www.sae.org/students/student.htm) For most students
this is the only experience they get at making anything. There is a very big
difference between the designs of people that have made things themselves
and those that haven't. They are always less expensive, higher quality and
require fewer revisions.

Do people really want craftsmanship anymore or is cost the only thing that
is important? I was in a store the other day that had $1,500 dresses. I
thought they would have craftsmanship but they were all made in China and
were the same quality as stuff from Wal Mart.

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