RE: "MicroMilling" as a kind of useful RT approaches

From: Jeffrey Everett (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 20:06:44 EET

Involved as I am with (3 axis) engraving jewelry injection molds (and
designing for RP) I have a great interest in high quality finishes,
especially in cavities. Most of my finish work is with specially ground
cutters sized between .3mmm and .05mm. A couple of problems come up; the
amount of time required for the milling, the surface finish. Regarding time,
using stepovers of .01 to .02mm and accodingly slow table movement makes for
very long cycles! The quality of finish is directly related to cutter
geometry and milling technique and after several years I still am not able
to achieve very smooth finishes. I would be interested in obtaining tiny
ball mills. Thusly, I am most interested in this thread.
Thank you
Jeffrey Everett
Manifest Design

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Subject: "MicroMilling" as a kind of useful RT approaches

  Dear RP&T professionals: are things going with you ?
I have been very much involved in a study on "MicroMilling" for finishless
and EDMless mold machining using small-diametered ball endmill(dia:0.3mm or
As some of you know well,EDM and finishing after machining process should be
eliminated in order for the total tool machining process to be competitive
in the
age of "speed".so I firmly believe the only answer for this will be
At this point in time,I would be very much interested in any speculation you
have about it. Do you have other opinions ?
I really would like to share my experience with you who are interested.
Any comment you'd give would be greatly appreciated.

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