RE: Some reliable equations for RT

From: Rapid Dude (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 14:56:24 EET

> The number and length of the messages you have received should make it
> obvious that these old and tired people aren't as tired as they think they
> are.
Sometimes it just takes a newbie to shake the world. Welcome to The List

People tend to be dazzled by technology and the real world is
easily forgotten. We Finns consider ourselves as a hi-tech nation, but
still it seems that the craftmanship is strongly comming back (even into
'industrial' use).

Another thing that is usually forgotten in the middle of all this glorious
technology and hype, is the end user of the product - the consumer. Who
do all these people design their products for? Not for the end user surely,
since the rarely bother to ask what the market really wants... Oops, this
is completely a different story - just been bangin' my head to the
stonewall too long. ;)

Yours truly
 Rapid Dude

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