3DSNASUG "Time Is On Your Side"

From: PTE Distribution (pte7233@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 16:28:29 EET

Remember that song???

Well it's true. There is plenty of time to register
for the 3DSNASUG coming up in a few weeks. The hotel
room guarantee rate is also available. Sunday
tutorials well be the best ever. Demo suites will be
loaded with great information. The "first timers"
will also get a great deal from you "veterans" and
your input. Let's make this the largest attended
event to date.

See you in sunny (I hope)CA.!!!!


The golf outing registration ends on tomorrow Friday
the 8th. Bob does a great job putting this together
so come out and hit balls. It's a scramble so it
doesn't matter how well you play.....believe me!!
Contact Bob Dzugan at rdzugan@butcastings.com, phone
937.259.1311, or fax 937.259.1303.

Derek again

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