RE: Parting line calculation and Undercut: Paraform DFM Solution

From: Giorgos Hatzilias (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 18:55:05 EET

Hi Ibon,

Paraform is very good at dealing with parting lines, please see the email
response below posted on behalf of Paraform.

In addition, Paraform will allow you to slide the parting line around
anywhere on the part surface at will, and will also help you intelligently
set the pull direction, and can automatically correct undercuts. In fact it
can do this on a polymesh (ie: an STL) which allows you to automatically
correct the undercuts/draft issues at the local problem area (the individual
triangles causing the undercut), without adversely affecting the rest of the
surface shape or overall continuity, which can be difficult in most CAD
environments. We use it regularly here at Slingshot Product Development to
launch a wide range of products from Automotive/Aerospace to
consumer/electronic products.

As a Value Added Reseller of Paraform software, our Slingshot associates
would be glad to demonstrate how we've succesfully applied Paraform for
numerous applications. We can easily demonstrate this over the internet or
onsite, and can also offer this as service work. For the full range of
services/products, and more information, visit
or feel free to contact us.


Giorgos Hatzilias
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  Subject: Parting line calculation and Undercut: Paraform DFM Solution

  Hello Ibon,

  Paraform’s ( DFM (design for manufacturing) module
provides the functionality that you are requesting. Our products are
particularly good for irregular, free-form shapes like injected or
blow-molded plastics. We also provide hard and soft offset shelling used to
create the inner and outer cavity geometries.

  More on Paraform’s products at:

  With over 200 blue-chip customers, Paraform’s products have been validated
in some of the most demanding production environments:

  For more information, please send an email to or give
us a call at 408.241.6601 X201.




  Brian Kissel


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  From: Mitxelena Fernandez Ibon []
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  Subject: Parting line calculation and Undercut

  Good Moorning,
  This is my first email to the list and first of all I would like to
  introduce myself. I work in a R&D center located in the north of spain
  our main activity is based on materials research eventhough we work in
  another areas such product development.

  I am tring to find a good and fast tooling design software. My biggest
  concern is related with parting lines and undercuts and in this way I am
  trying to find the software that approches more to do this task
  automatically. If anybody could give a clue, that would be great.

  Ibon Mitxelena
  Fundación INASMET Fundazioa
  Dpto. Materiales y Procesos/Material eta Prozesuen Departamentua
  Mikeletegi Pasealekua, 2
  Parque Tecnológico/Teknologi Parkea
  Tlf: +34 943 003700
  Fax: +34 943 003800

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