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From: Todd Reese (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 00:52:24 EET

hi gang!

on a sad note, one of our neighboring businesses has closed its doors.
actually, they never really even opened up. this division was in the
wireless, high-speed internet business and they had been setting up this
location to break into the indianapolis market. from what i gather, the
company was affected by september 11th and their high-speed division became
a casualty. anyhow, they offered to sell us some of the equipment that they
never had a chance to use, or even install. we picked up some items that
are useful in our business/industry. we can't make use of all of the
equipment we purchased, but knew others throughout industry could. we're
hoping to be able to help someone save some money if they're in the market
for this stuff. here are the items that are available:

apc premium high density base enclosure (model# ar1000hd) - qty 1

apc smart-ups additional runtime battery pack (model# su48rmxlbp) - qty 2

apc web management card (model# ap9606) - qty 1

i'm not sure which apc smart-ups model#'s the additional runtime battery
packs are for, so you might check with apc for compatibility with your apc
smart-ups. the web card can be installed into an apc ups for remote
management, again you might check with apc for compatibility. the webcard
has not been opened and the enclosure was still on the skid, however since
we didn't have a fork truck or pallet jack, we took it off the skid to roll
it down to our suite. it looks as if both of the battery pack boxes have
been opened, but it doesn't appear that the contents have ever been
unwrapped. if you have interest in any of these items, please contact me
directly. i hope i can help!

thanks and have a good weekend,

Todd Reese
Realize, Inc.
12999 Parkside Drive
Fishers, IN  46038
Phone: (317) 915-0295
Fax: (317) 915-0296

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