Metal Deposition of Direct-AIM Tool

From: Chang-Shik Min (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 03:45:31 EET

Dear highly-experienced RP&T professionals: are you doing ?
As a research engineer of Rapid Tooling,I have been trying Direct AIM tool
so many times using my SLA machines in house since 1996,thinking this would
be an alternative for the very short run or cheaper/faster tooling for
simple parts.
>From my experience,I think it seemed not too bad for concept tooling of only
simply shaped parts( under 30 shots or so),but I need a bit more parts and
more complex part from the tool.
To be frank with you,I have applied some surface treatments such as Ni
plating and copper deposition to this tool,but...
I have heard through grapevine,but there seems to be a company who is very
specialized in Chrome/Nickel LTVD(Low Temp. Vapor Deposition) of SLA parts.
Is there anyone who happens to know of this company or has some other
on my approach ?
Your precious opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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