RE: SLA5000 sweeper stall problem

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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 22:12:22 EET

You might want to check your recoater motor or one the
limit switches on either side of the recoater

solid concepts inc.

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Subject: SLA5000 sweeper stall problem

I need some help with a sweeper stall error. It all started gradually
one sweeper stall last Wednesday. Then 3 sweeper stalls on Thursday and
about 12 stalls on Friday. Now it stalls every 3 layers. It does not
in the middle of the parts, only at either end. This includes large
and small builds. When the stall occurs, we tried moving the recoater
using the computer and we hear a clunk. It seems that it is trying to
but doesn't. Once the recoater blade is physically moved, it will work
for a very short time. I've heard of a bug with smart sweep, but I
know how to turn it off.

Below is what we have tried so far:
remove cover - no obstructions
disconnected recoater from motor, moves freely
checked recoater flags

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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