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From: RP Scott (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 02:04:29 EET

Did the agreement stipulate that 3D must license to a FOREIGN competitior?

Did it limit it to one competitor?
Or is it a set license fee?

What is to keep 3D from licensing the SLS technology to some "competition"
that isn't likely to be very competitive?

RP Scott -- "Question Boy"

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Subject: Re: 3D/DTM Merger
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 15:02:09 -0500

Dear J7 & friends

My guess is EOS will be the competitor of choice as opposed to an SLA
EOS is claiming in press releases that the 1997 deal between 3 D & EOS gives
EOS rights to 3 D's sintering patents thru August 02. So if EOS actually
has rights
3 D may as well choose EOS. Sounds like EOS plans on coming anyway.

There's some background on DTM, EOS and 3 D. DTM was the worst performing
IPO of 1997 (out @ $8.00 down to $1.00 with shareholder suits etc.) and
there was
some sentiment that DTM was going to become toast. Art Sims, then CEO of 3
wasn't interested in acquisitions so trading sintering patents to EOS at
that point in
time was probably not a big deal.

Four years and two management teams later 3 D buys (or if you prefer
merges with) DTM.
The DOJ, after 3-4 months, OK's the deal with a condition that 3 D has to
allow a competitor
into the US market. Rumor has the choices as EOS or Tajent (sp?) SLS or

The choice is important to equipment owners because it's bound to effect
market and residual values. It's not a simple choice for 3 D either for
the same reasons.

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><< Has anyone heard when the 3D/DTM merger will be approved by Department
> Justice?
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>Dear J71950:
>May I call you J7?
>As others have pointed out the merger was approved a long time ago, but
>big question was, What foreign company would 3D license to compete with
>in the US market? Their deadline was 12/14/01, I think, but that was
>extendable by 60 days accdg to the DOJ.
>As of last week, there wasn't any further info and Valentine's Day now
>Are there no appropriate suitors?
>Ed Grenda
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