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Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 16:13:42 EET

If the cartilage is not there it will not appear, You may use MRI, however, image processing is not easy and will require a specialist.
Take care.
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>>> "manak jain" <> 02/14/02 04:48AM >>>
Dear list/sir,
    I am a Ph.D. student at IIT Kanpur India & my research area is Biomedical application to RP, long before we had a discussion regarding CT-data etc at that time I was bussy in my course works, now for my theses works, I am interested to develop the Biomodel of new born baby ankle joint in FDM-1650 which is in my lab by MIMICS 7.10.
    For this I have taken the CT-scan data on Siemans spiral CT m/c after scanning the baby ankle without gantry tilt. After importing the data & processing it for developing 3D, I observed dissambled ankle (only few joints & looking very odd dissambly)like fingers,calcanious,tibia & febula(partly & in different positions).
    I talked to radiologist, he is saying that the new born baby is not having fully developed bone & the cartilage will not come in scanning, hence you will not get full ankle.
    I am very much disappointed now, as whole of my theses work is based on this.
    I am requesting to you that please advice me that what mistake we did or it is realy not possible to build the Biomodel of this newborn baby ankle jt.
    I am very much thankful in advance for yours suggestion/Views.
Thanking you.

With best wishes,

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