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You were right that Materialise used to offer a monitering system, but they don't any more. When I was at Plynetics we had them hooked up to our 4 SLA 250's and they would give a "real time" view of what was happening via IR camera and a current view of the build screen. I thought it was pretty handy when you had a lot of machines running and had to go home some time in a 24 hour period. I called Materialise a few years ago to see if they still had this system as a product but they said that they didn't. Mark Bliek was the person who installed ours at the time, but that was back in 1995. Hope this helps.

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Liquid Plastic Solutions
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      I'm looking for information on systems for remote monitoring of RP systems, such as SLA, SLS, etc. I thought Materialise offered something along these lines that included a camera, but I don't see it on their Web site. Any links to information on this subject will be appreciated.

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