3DSNASUG Vendor Fair

From: Bruce E. LeMaster (lemaster@artcorp.com)
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 20:33:17 EET


Just a quick note to those that will be attending the 3D Systems North
American Stereolithography User Group Conference next week. Our vendor fair
will be held on Monday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. We have 33 vendor
tables confirmed at this point, ranging in product or service from lasers to
resins and software to post processing supplies. If you're considering a
new product or have questions about an existing service this will be your
chance to spend good "face" time with a particular vendor. Have your
questions ready and please be sure to stop by each booth at the show!

Those vendors participating include:

Innovative Polymers
Associated Electroplaters
Laser Innovations
BJB Enterprises
Coherent Laser Group
National RP Support
ARRK Product Development
3D Systems
DSM Somos
MCP Systems
Barron Cast
Ramco Equipment
Melles Griot Laser Group
Curbell, Inc.
Nest Technologies
Solid Concepts
Stereolithography Associates
DPSS Lasers
Axson North America
Brock Rooney & Associates
UV Source
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
RPMI Manufacturing Research Center

We still have a few spaces left if any other vendors would like to join us
in Costa Mesa. Please contact me for more information.

Best Regards,

Bruce E. LeMaster

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
265 Cambridge Street, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
(540)371-1100 / (540)371-4100 fax

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