2002 3DSNASUG Conference

From: Guy.Bourdeau@coulter.com
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 19:28:03 EET

I want to welcome everyone who will be attending this years conference in
Costa Mesa and thank all the users and Corporations that have support the
group this year.

We are looking at having a successful conference this year even during the
down turn in the nations economy. At this point in time our attendance is
at 92% of last years attendance.
This was much better than your Executive committee had projected. We
exceeded our projections this year and your Users Group is in a great
financial situation going into the conference.

On the financial side I just want to make know a couple of issue for anyone
who is thinking of registering on site.

First is all registrations are going to be frozen at noon today California
time. This does not mean you can not register, it just means from that
time on only on site registration will be done. Should you registration be
in transit to Adria, she will add you to the list and her and I will
register you on site and process you payments.

Secondly ALL REGISTRATIONS will be charged the $650.00 per the information
on the registration form.

Third is a reminder we are past the February 1st date and the no refund
policy is in affect.

Fourth is for the security of the Users Group funds and for accounting
purposes I will be only accepting the following forms of payment during the
conference. I will accept CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, MASTERCARD, VISA and

My main goal is to protect the users and the users group financial

See you in Sunny California next week.

Guy Bourdeau, Treasurer
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
(305) 380-3805

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