Computer for SLA-190

From: Ola L.A. Harrysson (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 01:32:09 EET

Dear list,

We are looking for a computer for a SLA 190/250. Either an old 386 or the
newer Pentium would work. Some of our students swapped out the old 386 for a
Pentium for no reason and now the machine doesn't work properly.
Unfortunately they can't find the motherboard for the old 386, so we can't
just swap it back. According to information I have received the computers in
the SLA 190/250 were specially made for 3D Systems and that is why our
generic Pentium dos not work properly. If you have an old 3D Systems
computer collecting dust in a corner, please let me know.

Any suggestions or clues would be highly appreciated,

Ola Harrysson.

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