From: Chris Lawrie (cl@delcam.com)
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 11:45:20 EET

We at Delcam use Microscribe arms on a regular basis.
We demonstrate our inspection software (PowerINSPECT) and one of our Reverse
Engineering solutions (PS-Arm) using immersion arms. Many of our sales
partners throughout the world sell the arms for certain Reverse Engineering
and Inspection applications where accuracy is not the primary factor (such
as shoe lasts). The Microscribe arm has a limited range of accuracy, but for
many applications it can be used as an inspection device.
My advice to your client is to look into ways in which he can utilise the
arm to add quality to his processes; especially if he is an RP user or
Bureau. The STL file is the nominal data for most RP&T providers. By using
the arm to inspect against an STL file directly, your client will be putting
his investment to good use.

I hope this helps

Chris Lawrie

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