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From: Steven Adler \( A3DM \) (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 05:11:06 EET

Hello List

    Over the past two years I have produced a number of fine jewelry items on our RapidToolmaker systems. In the process, a good number of jewelry manufacturers at trade shows have asked me to refer CAD jewelry designers for project work. I have met many designers and had contact with some through the RPML so this thread is primarily targeted for those individuals

    I am preparing a listing of CAD jewelry designers for a web page on my site. If anyone has an interest in being listed there for referrals, please respond to this E-mail with the following information

(1) name
(2) telephone
(3) E-mail address
(4) Web site URL
(5) 25 words describing you background, specialties, and abilities in designing jewelry with CAD

    I hope that this new listing will help to bring designers and manufacturers together and advance the role of CAD/CAM in jewelry manufacturing


Steven Adler CEO
Automated 3D Modeling

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