Integrate STL with your production processes: FlashTL Engineer

From: Jeroen van den Hout (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 15:57:11 EET

We invite you to visit <> for
the new demo version of FlashTL Engineer version 2.2.
It is now possible to integrate STL and 2D Drawings within your own
production process by using the new DXF and EMF export feature of 2D ISO
Drawings. Also new is the export of colored models in PLY or ZCP format.
FlashTL Engineer provides the following features:
  -2D ISO Drawings from STL.
  -STL Splitting using Patented Intelligent Triangle Selection.
  -STL Slicing to DXF
  -STL Editing
  -STL Analyzing
  -STL Reduction
  -STL Painting
Register your demo version now for only 99,- . See
<> for details.
Jeroen van den Hout
TNO Industrial Prototyping

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