Re: Beam Speed

From: RP Scott (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 21:50:18 EET

I thought that was a parameter on the DOS box.

Not unlike when you have to set break angle and mark delay when you boot up
the dos box if you are doing outline on parts.

I know there is a parameter for beam spacing.

It is hard to tell.
The older version of the Build Setup program 2.XX had many more controls.

They restricted access to them for the latest version.
I think their theory was that you should just be able to change the laser
power . .and let it run at the 200inch/second fill and 70 inch/second
outline speed.

Good luck.

RP Scott

Good luck.

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I'm not talking about the velocity of the laser I'm talking about the scan
speed of the laser as it goes over the powder bed. I am not that bad!!!


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> 3x10^8m/s
> sorry........couldn't pass this up

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