RE: Beam Speed

From: RP Scott (
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 22:00:44 EET


The new version can drop layers?
How nice. I haven't heard that one.

Yeah . . . I've had my share of problems with the Sinterstation 2500+

Enough so that I once half accused DTM of hiding known problems with their
software / hardware.

I told them that if it was a marketing strategy not publish a problem that
would only affect 5% of the users . . (or whatever) rather than admit that
there are problems. . . that it was a bad thing.

I know once that I used the "empty feeds when build is complete" and it
tried to launch the feed piston out of the cylinder.
Yep . . . fortunately I was standing right there as the right feed piston
started to collide with the roller scraper holder.

Thankfully the e-stop button is right there too.

DTM told me not to use that feature any more with my machine.

Is there an SLS users bulletin board anywhere?

I'd love to chat it up with other daily users, but don't feel like airing
everything here on RP-ML?

Who knows how many of us are affected by the same problems?
I suppose Service Bureaus might not want to disseminate all their knowledge
and tricks of the trade, but there should be enough non - service bureau
users out here to provide some useful information.

RP Scott

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If you're running 3.0 software on your 2500+ then you no longer have
access to the scan speed. I beleive it's hardcoded to 200 in/sec.

We went back to using 2.7 because of this as well as a slice problem
that would randomly drop layers.


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I'm not talking about the velocity of the laser I'm talking about the
speed of the laser as it goes over the powder bed. I am not that bad!!!


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> 3x10^8m/s
> sorry........couldn't pass this up

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