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From: Timothy J Gornet (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 17:45:09 EET

It may be that you need to investigate using a couple of different
processes. The smaller insert pockets I believe could be built quite
cost effectively on an SLS VanGuard HS system out of their nylon
Duraform material. The real issue is the larger part. I don't know the
internal geometry of the part or if it can be stacked or nested or built
with the smaller inserts. It may be more efficient to go soft tooling
and urethane castings for the large parts. I am sure there are some
service bureaus out there who have the new HS machines that could give
you a better idea of costs for the smaller inserts.
Good luck and let us know the avenue you find to be the
best/fastest/most cost effective,
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>>> Brand Allen-EAB009 <> 02/25/02 01:48PM >>>

I have a four-sided charger housing 187mm X 212mm X180mm with eight (8)
insert pockets measuring 27mm X 70mm X 45mm. I have been asked the best
way to produce 50 of the housings and 400 of the insert pockets without
using production tooling/injection molding. Is this job too big for
rubber tooling, or is there other alternatives better suited for these
size parts and quantities.


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