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From: Roger Spielman (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 19:40:39 EET

Hello Dr. Stephan...

Another option to think about - regarding the size of your part, you could
easily fit half (500) into a sinterstation build...2 builds and you would be
done. Is it worth building tooling at that point?

Roger Spielman
Regale, Inc

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Subject: small part manufacture

My main interest is in medical and dental rp but a patient of mine asked
about producing small 1"X 2" custom parts that needed to be made of a
material that was durable but not heavy. I told him that he could create a
.stl file and make a model (Sanders) and then use soft tooling. He wants
units so it may not be practical to use soft tooling. Does he need to make a

metal mold? If you know of people who can help with this process I would
appreciate the help.

Dr. Stephen M. Schmitt

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