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Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 00:21:36 EET

Dear Brent and All !

I am in charge of exactly the same for presentation in a next few weeks. I
will be also interested in all inputs it will be so kind of you to send.

Looking forward,

Best Regards,


At 15:01 28/02/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello Everyone. I'm finalizing a presentation on current mold making
>processes (rapid tooling process) in RP. If anyone has a process that they
>would like to make sure I touch on for the MoldMaking Expo this April,
>please send me some details (and preferably a few PowerPoint slides).
>In the past, this talk has been very well attended at this conference, so it
>is a good forum to tell people in the MoldMaking industry about what's going
>on in rapid tooling. I want to make sure I give the attendees up-to-date
>information. So if you have some latest and greatest results, I would love
>to hear them. I'll be finalizing the paper this weekend, although I'm
>willing to add things to the presentation up until the last minute.
>Brent Stucker
>Dr. Brent Stucker
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>University of Rhode Island
>Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
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