RE: FW: 2D/3D scanning of small brass pieces

Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 02:19:13 EET

Hi Sheba,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, yes, we've tried most of those things
(though not the digital camera). Spraying the brass black and putting it
against white paper does help, but there's still some reflection around the
edges that's tough to deal with. We've also tried Streamline with slight
success in some cases.

We've stuck with flatbed scanners over digital cameras because I've never
seen how a digital camera could give me a more accurate size? We've tried
about 6 different flatbeds, the last being an Epson Expression 1680 Pro.

Thanks very much for the thoughts... keep them coming! :)


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On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 wrote:
> Over the years, I've tried scanning the brass on a flatbed scanner and
> Streamline or anything else to trace the outline, but I'd like to get
> something much more accurate, and the shininess of brass means that the
> scanner doesn't pick up the edges well. I'm thinking that maybe a 3D
> could do this, and maybe produce the outline, even though the outline we
> need is just 2D?

A home remedy for shininess:

#1 Spray-paint brass black

#2 Place on white paper

#3 Photograph with digital camera

#4 Streamline

#5 Not accurate enough? Get a more expensive digital camera.

Just a thought. And you probably had it already. Oh well.

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