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>Hi guys,
>I'm not sure this made it to the list the first time, so I'm resending
>without the attachment. If anyone thinks they could do this and would like
>to see the image of a representative piece, just zip me an email.
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>Subject: 2D/3D scanning of small brass pieces cheaply?
>Good afternoon people,
>We are a company that manufactures brass lapel pins and keytags. We have a
>large inventory (500+ of our own different shapes, plus thousands of others
>of our customers' shapes) of dies with which to punch out brass blanks to
>form the basis of the pins.
>One thorn that's always been in our side is that of trying to get accurate
>outlines of these brass shapes (usually between 1/2" and 2" in size). We
>would like to be able to get dead-accurate vector files (.eps (preferable),
>.dxf, etc) of the outlines of all of these shapes.
>Over the years, I've tried scanning the brass on a flatbed scanner and using
>Streamline or anything else to trace the outline, but I'd like to get
>something much more accurate, and the shininess of brass means that the
>scanner doesn't pick up the edges well. I'm thinking that maybe a 3D scanner
>could do this, and maybe produce the outline, even though the outline we
>need is just 2D?
>I'm attaching a picture of one of the pieces... representative of what we'd
>need scanned. The pieces range from " to 2-1/2" in diameter.
>Any idea of where I could get something like this done for a very cheap
>amount of money? (a couple of dollars per file?)

Have you a pantograph? and a drawing tablet?


Bill Bedford

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