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Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 04:34:16 EET

Bathsheba, that is brilliant!
With a pantograph you can draw lines just as easily as you can cut or engrave and then you just have to scan the lines into 2D data.
As you mentioned with the digital image, you could then measure one place and scale accordingly.
This may be the "cheapest" solution.

BTW, I would rather problem solve (than work), too!

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>Hi guys,
>I'm not sure this made it to the list the first time, so I'm resending
>without the attachment. If anyone thinks they could do this and would like
>to see the image of a representative piece, just zip me an email.
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>Good afternoon people,
>We are a company that manufactures brass lapel pins and keytags. We have a
>large inventory (500+ of our own different shapes, plus thousands of others
>of our customers' shapes) of dies with which to punch out brass blanks to
>form the basis of the pins.
>One thorn that's always been in our side is that of trying to get accurate
>outlines of these brass shapes (usually between 1/2" and 2" in size). We
>would like to be able to get dead-accurate vector files (.eps (preferable),
>.dxf, etc) of the outlines of all of these shapes.
>Over the years, I've tried scanning the brass on a flatbed scanner and using
>Streamline or anything else to trace the outline, but I'd like to get
>something much more accurate, and the shininess of brass means that the
>scanner doesn't pick up the edges well. I'm thinking that maybe a 3D scanner
>could do this, and maybe produce the outline, even though the outline we
>need is just 2D?
>I'm attaching a picture of one of the pieces... representative of what we'd
>need scanned. The pieces range from " to 2-1/2" in diameter.
>Any idea of where I could get something like this done for a very cheap
>amount of money? (a couple of dollars per file?)

  Have you a pantograph? and a drawing tablet?


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