What is the future of e-commerce within prototyping?

From: Steven Pollack (StevenP@DigitalJeweler.NET)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 19:42:09 EET

Time to toot Digital Jeweler's horn again. Toot toot!

Digital Jeweler, in my opinion, represents the first step forward to the
future of e-commerce and Rapid Prototyping. It is the first and only, as
far as I know, online configuration system where unique CAD geometry can be
dynamically created by non-CAD users at the consumer level. This is
distinguished from other systems that allow users to be guided through a
static library of files which is more akin to the traditional master
model/mold manufacturing process.

Our online CAD models are knowledge engineered with the necesary goldsmith
intelligence to allow non-goldsmiths to customize the models to stone shape,
stone dimension, and finger size by simply inputting their values. Other
customizations that do not affect the geometry but do affect the rendering
and pricing module are gemstone type and metal type(s). Once all the values
are input they are sent to the CAD engine on our server and are applied to
the Digital Flexi-Die for a new geometry to be created, rendered, and
priced(based on volume, metal, manufacturing costs, and profit

When the order is placed we download the .stl file, create the wax, cast,
polish, and ship in a week.

This system could just as easily be applied to other products where the
manufacturers customer could create their own geometry, get a bill of
material, get a price, while creating the toolpath that the manufacturer
needs to create the item. The key is that only the manufacturer has access
to the .stl file. The customer gets all the benefits of an accurate quoting
system that does not require the engineering team to take a week to get them
a quote and specifications.

The company that can do this for you, not jewelry though as we have a patent
pending on that, is Configure One. Their website is www.ConfigureOne.com.
Their number is 630-368-9950. Ask for Ron in sales.

Steven Pollack
President, Digital Jeweler, LLC

For more information about the rp-ml, see http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml/

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