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Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 03:54:03 EET

Chris, etc.

In case Ian Campbell doesn't reply. So far as I'm aware (owing to his
geographical location, Ian keeps a much closer track on these things),
there is no impact factor for RPJ. This is because it needs to be submitted
to the SCI by the publisher (MCB). It was first submitted a couple of years
ago but so far the SCI has not given it a full rating. Ian told me that it
was supposed to be on the SCI expanded on-line index, but I couldn't find it.

I'm sure eventually it will get into the SCI. When it does, I'm also sure
it will achieve a fairly high rating for a manufacturing-based journal
because this is a very active field and the RPJ attracts excellent papers
from a wide number of highly respected authors. The review process is also
very rigorous.

RPJ also has a very wide academic readership. If you want to make sure your
paper is published in the most appropriate journal for your RP subject (and
guarantee your paper is read by experts in the field), then there is no
better than the RPJ. If you just want to ensure your paper attracts brownie
points, then (for the time being at least) go somewhere else.


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>Dear List
>Does anyone have the Journal impact factor rating of The Rapid Prototyping
>Journal. I've looked in the lists available online without any look
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