NASUG meeting in Costa Mesa

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 18:10:54 EET

If you did not attend you missed a Great ONE. The executive committee did
a great job of organizing and planning the event. Thanks to all who
taught the tutorials on Sunday so even an old timer can still learn new
things and ideas. The technical presentations were longer this year so
many more details were provided. My award for best technical presentation
went to Richard Mathis, Larry Andre, and Harold Luper. Close on their
heels were the folks from Northrop Grumman. What those guys try to do with
a SLA part is not for the faint at heart. Also plating of SLA parts to
gain strength for direct use by Sean Wise who said that using plating on a
part helped cycle time go from 2,000- 10,000 cycles to 250,000 cycles
without failures. Carl Dekker presented using SLA molds for silicone parts
and showed parts he made by this method at the parts fair. Also Invisalign
won the Excellence award this year. Great parts by all who participated in
both the awards and the parts fair as well.

The resin wars have resumed and until the battles are over I guess we will
have to keep searching for the perfect solution. No one resin fills every
need and if the technology is impacted by these battles then we all
lose. The only bad thing about the meeting...

Our Night out brought out the competitiveness in EVERYONE. I now know who
the NASCAR wantabies are. It was a blast literally if you were in the
right car. Now I know why drag racing was southern born!!!!

Next years officers include.. Bruce LaMaster Chairman, Derek Ellis, Vice
Chair, Guy Bourdeau Treasurer, Carl Dekker Secretary, Tom Sorovetz Site
Coordinator. Meeting should be mid to late March next year and east coast
or there about. I vote for Myrtle Beach since they have another race track.

There will be new stuff on the web site so you can learn more about the
groups activities there. Especially the potential NASUG/ SLS user group
merger. There are study committees for each group with a joint meeting
planned for 2004 maybe. I say maybe since nothing has been definitely

Oh well must get back to work after so much fun.


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