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Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 18:19:26 EET

Being my first time to SLA user group, I'd sum it up in 2 words. . .

Resin Wars

Honestly, no extreme developments. Application study for Invisalign manufacturing process, a little on quickcast and the Viper, and an opportunity to meet together as one big happy family (SLA and SLS). There was discussion of combining SLA and SLS users groups and it was decided to have a "joint" meeting in 2004 (time of year to be determined). I could keep talking but length of message directly correlates to likelyhood of it being deleted. :)

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  I realize that most of the attendees are probably just getting
  back to work... and will take a half day or more to sort through
  their e-mails and other related messages / pressing issues.

  But when someone gets a chance, I would love to hear about
  any new developments that were shared at the conference!

  Thanks in advance

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