RE:3DNASUG update

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 15:46:03 EET

At 05:08 PM 3/4/2002 -0800, Brock Hinzmann wrote:
>Has anyone ever made aa part on one RP machine for use as an insert in a
>part being built on a different RP machine? We always talk about each type
>of machine having distinct advantages in materials and types of parts they
>can build. Any creative opportunities to be had there?

I think if I saw one thing at the SLA user meeting it was how far we have
come in 14 years but how far we have to go. As a technology we have touched
the surface of 3d creativity. We have opened the door for future
generations to use this technology to drive their lives. Today we have
barely moved the point on the scale of possibilities yet it seems we have
stretched the limits of possibilities of today's machines. I can't wait to
see how the disruptive technologies move us in new directions and


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