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From: Charles Overy (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 18:38:24 EET

I think what is clear is that the "ink jet printer" buisiness model may be viable in the Rapid Prototype industry.
Get the machines out there and then make the money on the supplies. Certainly a consistent and growing revenue stream from you user base makes sense than always chasing machine sales. I think that it is very exciting for the industry as it will drive a lot of innovation both in software and hardware. I would image that we will see prices come down on a lot of different products as the user base increases. Hopefully more ASP software user models too.
Is it too soon to say, Hang on tight the ride is about to begin?

-----Original Message-----From: <>To: <>Sent: 3/5/02 5:23 AMSubject: FYI-ZCorp Price ReductionIn case you missed it, Z Corp has reduced their entry level machine price to


It looks like Stratasys was the company to inititate the price reductions

(February 02) in concept modelers.



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