Stratasys Advances Rapid Prototyping Process, Increasing Model Re solution

From: Blasch, Larry (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 20:13:56 EET

``We've increased resolution of the model-layer thickness to 0.005 inch
(0.127 mm). This means users can build models with much finer features -- as
fine as 0.020 inch (0.508 mm) -- on a functional prototype,'' says Stratasys
project manager Jeff Hanson. ``This resolution improvement goes hand-in-hand
with our automated support-removal process,'' which dissolves the temporary
supports so they don't have to be manually removed. ``By combining automated
support removal with the new resolution option, we can make models no other
process can match.''
The technology is available exclusively on Stratasys' high-speed machine,
the FDM Maxum.(TM) All future Maxums shipped will contain this upgrade.
Existing Maxum users holding service contracts will receive the upgrade at
no charge beginning in April

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