Newsletter and Web page on new technologies in precision foundry

From: Johannes Eschl (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 14:31:48 EET

Dear Rapid Prototypers,

On behalf of the Sare project members I am pleased to announce a new
website and newsletter on the INCORPORATION OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN THE

Sare is a new research project sponsored by the Growth programme of the
European Community.
Now, the Website includes details of the partners, the investigated
technologies and process chains, as well as links to related web pages.

Also the first issue of the "Sare Newsletter" can be downloaded with
more detailed information on the projects ideas, a rapid
investmentcasting process called VIC ...

With the project the web page will be filled with analyses, case
studies, literature references etc.

By making many of the project results public with this Website, we hope
to contribute to the precision casting and RP knowledge base and raise
awareness of new technologies. We hope that you find something
interesting there.

Best Regards,

Johannes Eschl

Johannes Eschl
IKP, Institut fuer Kunststoffkunde und Kunststoffpruefung, Universitaet

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