Stripping resins off SLA parts

From: Zubrickie, Robert F (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 21:16:35 EET

For those of you who are using TPM to clean off you stereolithography parts
I came across a product that works as good as TPM and has some cost savings.
It's Poly-Flush by Dynaloy, Inc. This is a versatile polymer flushing
solvent. TPM was costing me $125.00 per a 5 gallon container. I am
purchasing the Ploy-Flush from The Smith Group, Inc. for the cost of $85.00
per a 5-gallon container. I have been testing this with the following resins
DSM 8110, RPC100HC, RPC600HC, and RPC692HC. I put my platforms with the
parts attached in an aeration tank of Poly-Flush for approximately 15 to 25
minutes; let drip dry then dunk the platform in denatured alcohol to remove
the Ploy-Flush. I have built thin walls and small deep cavities; so far I
found no signs of warp-age or softening of the SLA parts. I even
accidentally forgot about the SLA parts in the Poly-Flush for 1- hours with
no harmful effects. I noticed that, as TPM gets old and saturated with
resins; it does not work as effective. I find that the Ploy-Flush continues
to work well stripping off the SLA resin even when it becomes saturated with
resin. The SLA parts are not sticky with saturated Poly-Flush like as TPM.
Anyone interested in this product can contact Darin Cesan at The Smith
Group, Inc. Phone # (215) 957-7800 (800) 345-7524 Fax # (215) 957-9600 or
e-mail at

I am not endorsing this product, nor am I trying to sell this product. I'm
merely sharing my findings. Maybe someone out there can benefit from this.

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