Re: Price Reduction

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 22:37:35 EET

>want to do sintering of both metals and plastics, and you only have the
>requirements to justify one machine, what are you going to buy, a
>Sinterstation that can be adjusted to use each material, or two EOSints?

I'm hoping people are not intimidated into thinking they have to have the
"vendor furnished" materials in their SLA machines to get service. I
recall specifically a discussion in the General session where Grant
Flaherty stated 3D will service everyone regardless of materials in their

Companies and individuals do not want to be held hostage and want to be
free to select any material to get the job done. Some individuals have
stated that system cost is not an issue but having the right material
is! Since Cibatool was 3D's material of choice for 15 years, why should
companies now have to switch? Remember, these materials were initially
furnished by 3D as "best-in-class."

The EOS and DTM idea of a particular license to run a particular material
may stall this technology from moving from the service industry into main
stream manufacturing. I am sure the service industry loves hearing this...
They will get to pass these licensing fees onto the customer.


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