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Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 23:52:26 EET

We have almost always used Vantico (was Ciba) since 1990. Part of this was
that we were on 3D's maintenance program, and there was a period where
finger-pointing regarding whether something was a resin (from another
supplier) or machine problem was common. When the epoxies came out, they
suited our business perfectly, and we have been using Vantico resins ever
Recently we purchased a new resin for one of our 250's, and have experienced
Vantico's new technical support team first-hand. As Vantico said at the
User's Group, they are now taking the approach of viewing our resin as
"their inventory." We have had fabulous support from them on "tuning" the
resin, trouble-shooting build styles and properties, etc. They have flown
out to our shop several times to help us with this one little 250 and its
resin (turns out the problems we are having are most likely related to our
laser being too "hot", not a resin problem at all). They are even helping
us solve that problem!
The technical support team they have put together know the resin issues
forwards and backwards, and also come from strong SLA backgrounds, so they
know the machines very well. They also offered technical support with
resins, even to the point of being willing to test samples run under
different cure parameters for material properties in their labs.
Vantico has told us that they will be replacing any resins that are problems
(like the viscosity problems of the early epoxies, for example). It's truly
their position that they will take care of everything. We have been treated
as Vantico's partners, even though we are buying the resin from 3D.
As a user for over 11 years, I can honestly say that this is the best
customer service I have ever received in support of raw materials!
I think the "resin wars" have already produced a wonderful result for users.
I'm sure the improvements in materials technology that all of the vendors
strive for will be significant in the years to come. Each vendor typically
pulls ahead for a little while, then the others pass or equal them.
What we have seen in the technical support and business model from Vantico
is a quantum leap in our experience. Vantico has earned our business.
Steve Stewart
Protogenic, Inc.

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Why is 3D Systems moving to a one material system and in what way does this
affect the owners of their machines ability to use other materials?

3D acquired DTM and DTM systems are licensed for a particular material...
DTM sued one user who tried to use material from another manufacturer, I
believe. One could reason that since 3D bought RPC that they plan the same
operation with their SLAs. This is pure conjecture on my part but several
of us moldie oldies had the same thoughts. It will be interesting enough to
see how 3D handles removing Ciba material from an established base that they
pushed and installed. In the past they have hinted at loss of maintenance,
no material support and other venues to keep users on the Ciba bandwagon.
2002 should prove the be the year of resin litigation and who wins will
describe the market for the next decade.


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