Re: Checking RP Masters against STL data

From: Ernst Mueller (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 16:08:18 EET

Hello Oliver,

And then after the check/inspect with the faro arm/CMM, you have a
report with a lot of numbers.

The problem in RP is shrinkage, warping and bending, depending on many
To understand the "behavier" of your part, a scanner, giving out a
"rainbow" plot is much nicer. Then you see und undrestand the tolerances
and can estimate if the part is ok or if a second built with different
settings is needed.

Many software packages offer quality control functions using stl master
data. We have such a module included in our ATOS scanner system.

The problem may be what you would like to get the job done as
"efficient" as possible. Quality Control adds cost and value to your
service. It is not so obvious and not always needed and therefore some
customer are not willing to pay this additional service.

If you look in
you see a typical quality control application of an RP part.

With best regards

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> RP Solutions wrote:
> Hi List,
> Does anyone have experience of using Faro arms or similar to
> check/inspect RP models that they would like to share?
> Here are some questions that I have:
> What kind of software are you using to collect and display the point
> data? How does it display the measurement results?
> Is there any software that can check points on the RP model against
> the STL file? what options are available?
> The Microscribe is low cost but not very accurate, is measurement data
> from this system of any real use to RP customers?
> How long does it take an operator to make a simple inpection of a
> part?
> Are there any other devices/technologies that could be used to inspect
> RP parts quickly?
> RP service bureaus rarely have time to perform full CMM type
> inspection of parts, how much or little inspection is required?
> Regards

> Oliver Cole
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