Time per Slice analysis

From: RP Scott (powderparts@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 17:19:55 EET

I think I've mentioned it before on this list.

But seeing how I just screwed up a large part in a build . . . I'll whine

I did a slack job of setting up a build and put a bunch of parts orbiting
around another large part. (I've got so much to build, why waste the

It turns out that there was a 1/8" tall section where there turned out to be
a very high density of parts. In other words, the amount of time spent
building that 1/8" was much more than the sections just above and just below
it in the build.

It's real easy to see where that slow build section was on the big part.
Fixing it will be fun.

I know I can do a preview of each slice of the build . . . but I'd much
rather have some software tell me, perhaps graphically, what the time (or
perhaps scan area) of each slice along the Z height is.

What were the suggestions for solutions to this problem?

Thanks in Advance

RP Scott
Making LOTS and LOTS of SLS parts . . . some better than others.

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