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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 17:26:37 EET

DTM lost that litigation. From all the chatter in the past about 3D
System's restrictive licensing practices I can tell you DTM's business
practices were less dominating. DTM management usually listened well, with
few exceptions. Also it wasn't until recently that alternative SLS
materials were available for US distribution. The good news at least, in my
opinion, is new players are coming. 3D System/DTM will find competitive
market forces will prevail. I think the DOJ will monitor this merger for a
while to insure capitalism prevails.
Jim Williams

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Why is 3D Systems moving to a one material system and in what way does this
affect the owners of their machines ability to use other materials?

3D acquired DTM and DTM systems are licensed for a particular material...
DTM sued one user who tried to use material from another manufacturer, I
believe. One could reason that since 3D bought RPC that they plan the same
operation with their SLAs. This is pure conjecture on my part but several
of us moldie oldies had the same thoughts. It will be interesting enough to
see how 3D handles removing Ciba material from an established base that they
pushed and installed. In the past they have hinted at loss of maintenance,
no material support and other venues to keep users on the Ciba bandwagon.
2002 should prove the be the year of resin litigation and who wins will
describe the market for the next decade.


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