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From: Charles Overy (
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 19:08:13 EET

You may get some better leads if you can you define your requirements a bit more. Some key questions are:
What is the 3D city to be used for?
Does it need to be photorealistic for a movie or just conceptual?
Color or Monochrome?
How fast?
What is the scale?
Is there existing data or are there just concept sketches?

For example, our shop, LGM, can do this if it is an architectural model, working from data sources like civil, USGS, architectural etc., but we would not be a good choice if you want say, a movie set. The skills of how to make a movie minature are very different from the skills need to make an architectural model. I loved the transfix site that was posted.
Also, you need to define the level of detail but if you want something like a milled base with RP buildings from existing data, I would guess you are in the range of $200 to $800 a square foot. Could be a whole lot more for photorealistic.
Best Wishes,
Charles Overy

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I've been asked to inquire about building large-scale models. Does anyone

have any suggestions on what type of rapid prototyping process could be used

to build an accurate 3-D City? The finished product will be 12' X 12' and

the tallest building will be 18" tall.

Robert Wright

Senior Mechanical Fabrication Technician


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