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That actually sounds like a lot of fun!

Okay, the first question should be, "Why am I building this city?" The
answer will drive the next question, "What should the models be made of?" If
you are doing this for wind tunnel testing or water tank testing for floods,
the material that each building is made of should be based on the
requirements of the reason that the city is being built in the first place.
If this is being built as a diorama for a museum or a show-and-tell piece
for a business, then you want each model to either look as good as possible
or be easy enough to paint or hand modify to look as good as possible. How
detailed must this be? If you are making a set for a movie, then clearly,
detail will be of great importance -- this could also disqualify some
choices for an RP system.

These things will better determine what RP process will best serve your
needs. Ultimately, there are few systems that can build an entire object of
that size. So you will be building it by component -- create each building
and attach it to a template of the city.

Good luck!


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> Hi List,
> I've been asked to inquire about building large-scale models. Does anyone
> have any suggestions on what type of rapid prototyping process could be
> to build an accurate 3-D City? The finished product will be 12' X 12' and
> the tallest building will be 18" tall.
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