3-D City

From: Michael Schmit (mikes@schmitprototypes.com)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 21:26:59 EET

Hi Robert Additional information on details for your 3-D city would be needed. In general, a model this size requires a combination of prototyping processes. CNC machining larger components with very accurate details is most cost effective and structurally sound. Some larger sheet stock components may be laser cut to size and shape. With large sculptural shapes we would CNC machine a form and build up reinforced composite materials and machine back to a thinner wall section to save weight.

For smaller buildings and details we may build SLA masters and cast urethanes to produce multiple components. Custom painting and graphics along with glass and metal simulation may be needed. We can also help you design the 3-D City model for breakaway and assembly at your site.

Many times we also design and build all shipping containers for safe delivery. Bottom line we provide unexcelled prototyping solutions to meet your needs on any given project. Please give us a call to go over your project requirements.

Mike Schmit
Schmit Prototypes Inc.
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