Speakers Needed for 2002 IMTs, Chicago, Sept 9th, 2002

From: Gervasi, Vito (gervasi@msoe.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 22:23:23 EET

The Rapid Prototyping Association of SME will have a member session @
IMTS 2002 (Sept 9th). We are looking for speakers for the following

A.M. SESSION (40 minutes each): Using Rapid Tooling & Manufacturing

Description: This session will bring you an overview of all
the major breakthroughs in rapid technologies; how they have left the
prototype realm and entered the production scene. Topics covered will
include process, materials, and integration with NC technology

1. Overview of RP&M.

2. Rapid Materials.

3. NC & Rapid Technologies Converge: Creating an automated NC tool
path generator directly off of an STL file.

P.M. SESSION (40 minutes each): Cutting Lead Times with Rapid Tooling &

Description: Rapid technologies can be used in the real world
today to save time and dramatically cut lead times, time saving
applications. Hear industry experts discuss these applications and how
you can use these ideas in your operations.

1. Direct Metal Production.

2. Faster Tools Using RP&M.

3. Better EDM electrodes using RP&M.

If you are interested in participating with a presentation please send
your contact information and topic of interest to Gervasi@msoe.edu
<mailto:Gervasi@msoe.edu> .

A brief outline or abstract of what you will cover is appreciated.

Please respond before Tuesday, March 12th.

Thank You

Vito Gervasi

Milwaukee School of Engineering

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