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From: Robin Richards (
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 01:16:37 EET

Dear Brian,

        As an author of some 3D medical imaging/processing
software, I guess I have to admit to being biased. Richard
does, indeed, have the luxury of a wide range of software
tools. This is an excellent position to be in but is, sadly,
not available to us all.

        Software dedicated to a particular application can
simplify the management of the inevitable complications and
limitations of the data used. In the case of medical data there
are many issues including: the incoming data formats, artefacts
in the data and the clinical judgements that have to be made.
A software tool that facilitates coping with these problems
can significantly improve efficiency and the quality of the
end result.

        Despite this, I still find that I sometimes have to
resort to other bits of software to solve specific problems.
The capabilities of many "animation tools" are significant
in this respect but I would not want to rely on them alone.

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