FW: Stripping resins off SLA parts

From: Zubrickie, Robert F (bob@tycoelectronics.com)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 15:43:06 EET

Fax me the MSDS sheets on your Propylene Carbonate and I will compare. Or
you can get the MSDS paper from Darin. As for the smell. It is not good to
smell any type of chemical. It's a solvent and smells like TPM. Actually it
stinks! My theory is that if it smells bad I shouldn't be inhaling it and
it's time to vent that chemical even though that chemical may not be harmful
to me. I worry about the sleeper chemicals. The ones which I can not smell.
I have my cleaning tanks under a chemical vent hood. This way I get no smell
from any of the chemicals. I'd recommend doing this with all your chemicals.
Of course you must comply with your state regulations when it comes to
emissions. This way we'll all be around in our elder years to reflect on the
good times we had with rapid prototyping. It's good to see you like
Propylene Carbonate. It's like comparing Ford to Chevy or even Chrysler.
Totally a preference. Remember if what your are using works for you, use
it. I tried Propylene Carbonate and it didn't meet my needs. Thank you for
the reply. There has been allot of activity on this. Keep it coming. This is
what our mailing list is all about. Exchanging info.


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Hi Bob,
This sounds like an interesting product. Is it any safer than TPM? We
currently use Propylene Carbonate and a final rinse in Isopropyl. We have
found the Propylene Carbonate to work really well with DSM resins and is
much safer than TPM. I am always looking for something better and safer.
How does it smell. One of the nice things about PC is it's sweet smell,
(it is not so obtrusive). Any input would be appreciated.

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For those of you who are using TPM to clean off you stereolithography parts
I came across a product that works as good as TPM and has some cost
It's Poly-Flush by Dynaloy, Inc. This is a versatile polymer flushing
solvent. TPM was costing me $125.00 per a 5 gallon container. I am
purchasing the Ploy-Flush from The Smith Group, Inc. for the cost of $85.00
per a 5-gallon container. I have been testing this with the following
DSM 8110, RPC100HC, RPC600HC, and RPC692HC. I put my platforms with the
parts attached in an aeration tank of Poly-Flush for approximately 15 to 25
minutes; let drip dry then dunk the platform in denatured alcohol to remove
the Ploy-Flush. I have built thin walls and small deep cavities; so far I
found no signs of warp-age or softening of the SLA parts. I even
accidentally forgot about the SLA parts in the Poly-Flush for 1- hours
no harmful effects. I noticed that, as TPM gets old and saturated with
resins; it does not work as effective. I find that the Ploy-Flush continues
to work well stripping off the SLA resin even when it becomes saturated
resin. The SLA parts are not sticky with saturated Poly-Flush like as TPM.
Anyone interested in this product can contact Darin Cesan at The Smith
Group, Inc. Phone # (215) 957-7800 (800) 345-7524 Fax # (215) 957-9600 or
e-mail at decesan@thesmithgroup.com

I am not endorsing this product, nor am I trying to sell this product. I'm
merely sharing my findings. Maybe someone out there can benefit from this.

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