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Thansk for your note. I was not aware that ProE had a shrinkwrap feature as I had asked about this type of thing on the list. I have read teh academic literature on "shrinkwrap" algorithms which are very interesting. Esentially, there are many of the same problems that wrapping in the real world has. There tends to be too much "material" in inside corners and crevices and it is difficult to control how the mesh moves into holes etc. I would love to see some ProE output of this feature if you or someone on the list had any.


-----Original Message-----From: Henry Sommer <>To: 'Charles Overy' <>Cc: <>Sent: 3/7/02 7:36 PMSubject: RE: Re(2): 3D-CityWould that software be similar to the "shrinkwrap" feature that is available

in Pro/E. It takes and assembly of parts, fills the holes and produces a

triangulated file of the outside surfaces. It may even be an STL file but I

do not know. You can control the detail. However, it's main purpose is to

reduce the amount of memory needed for parts of an assembly you are not

working with. So the best setting still removes allot of detail.


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 That having been said, we are actively working on a software solution to

Rapid Protoyping in architecture, and I have made significant progress in

the past 6 months. We hope to announce a robust soulution this year but if

anyone is interested, please contact me off list. I would be interested to

know what sort of market support there would be for this product. We are

also looking for a structure for this solution and my first choice is to do

it as a plug in to an existing CAD program or STL preprocessor.

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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