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 Date: 02-03-08 12:56:50 EST
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 We had ours installed just before New Years. The parts look great and Objet
 has been very good about trouble shooting any problems we have come across.
 Objet is very proactive with equipment upgrades and software upgrades. They
 have been to our facility several times upgrading components and software to
 provide us with a more reliable machine. The few problems I have had, Objet
 has walked me through over the phone and we have only had a couple of builds
 that we had to do over. The quadra is very easy to program, run and
 maintain. It is excellent with small details such as lettering. Many of
 the parts we have built so far we have been able to deliver to our customers
 the same day that we received the stl file. I am happy with the purchase
 and the cost is a fraction of comparable machines.
Hi Jim:

I have heard favorable things about Objet from users, as well, but it would
be useful to know what company or other institution you are with so we can
have a frame of reference for your comments.


Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co. (email)

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