RE: Small Gear

From: Billett Mike (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 11:32:56 EET

A silly suggestion perhaps, but why can't you use motor drive pinion gears off electric radio controlled race cars. With some minor modifications to the thickness and internal bore it sounds like one of these would work. I suppose a lot depends on the pitch and/or matierial that you are looking for, but I recall them being available in 24, 48 (dpi?) and also on 06 modular formats. It was a long time ago so don't flame me if this isn't exactly correct!
 I'm looking for a small gear -- It fits a 1.5mm shaft, has 12 teeth, is approx. 4.25mm in diameter, and is 2.5mm thick. We built a working model using an existing, off the shelf, gear train. Our client wants to make duplicates and this one particular gear is no longer available from our original source. I've tried the standards -- SDP/Sterling, PIC, Berg, McMaster, Small Parts....
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